Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Keep Clear". What's hard about that?

When did the average Australian driver lose the ability to read and comprehend the words KEEP CLEAR painted in letters 2 metres high at an intersection?

You're in a side street waiting to turn into - or perhaps cross - a major road, and the traffic is starting to bank up. With just this scenario in mind, the authorities have thoughtfully painted a large advisory message on the roadway itself... so it's unmissable! But time after time, some idiot keeps on moving and stops right over the KEEP CLEAR sign, blocking your access.

It's a basic rule of driving that you not enter an intersection until there's enough room that you won't obstruct it. But these people are SO stupid that even VicRoads' additional allocation of hours of planning time and labour and several litres of semi-gloss can't get the idea through their skulls.

Or do they think it doesn't apply to them? Are they both dumb AND deluded?

Don't try honking your horn to alert them to their oversight - these days, it doesn't matter if they're at fault, if you complain, you're the one who gets the finger and the abuse.

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